How to Select a
Marketing Consultant

Key Questions for Screening   If you're searching for a qualified marketing consultant, it can be frustrating.  While some consultants perform exceptionally well and add tremendous value, the vast majority who call themselves "marketing consultants" are massively underqualified (many cannot even properly define the term "marketing!").  Searching Google provides a wild array of hundreds of [...]

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Marketing Consultant

Want to Grow Your Firm in 2024?

Idea of the Month: Strategic Marketing Plans   Can you afford to waste time and money?  Far from it, your firm is likely looking at ways to cut costs.  So why put your dollars into futile marketing efforts?  You know that you must market, or watch your firm die, but isn’t there a better way [...]

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20 Signs That Your Website
Needs Updating

You might have suspected that your website needs work. Here are a few questions to consider in your evaluation: Does it look out-of-date, not contemporary? Is it more than 5 years old? Is the home page image full screen? Or do you have margins/borders on each side? Is it professional looking? Does it look like [...]

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Needs Updating

Service Profile of the Month

Part-Time Director of Marketing Small to mid-size firms may want to hire an experienced, high-level Director of Marketing but cannot afford or justify a full-time person. The Specialists in CPA Marketing provides the answer to this dilemma: high-level expertise at a part-time cost. We provide hands-on management and implementation of your marketing objectives. Essentially, your [...]

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How to Engage Personnel in
New Business Development

Boost Revenues with More Involvement   If your firm would like to grow, significant revenue growth may require more of your personnel to become involved in marketing.  For example, if you’d like to grow by 10-15% over the next year, perhaps your firm can no longer depend on a limited number of partners to generate [...]

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New Business Development

Business Development Training

Service Profile of the Month   Do your CPAs, both partners and staff, need to improve their skills in generating new business? If so, The Specialists in CPA Marketing’s “Business Development Training for CPAs” may be the solution for your firm. This program is designed specifically for CPAs and the business development challenges they encounter. [...]

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Is it time for your firm to rebrand?

Many CPA firms that have existed for some time face the issue of whether they should "rebrand."  Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination  is created for an established brand. The reasons for rebranding range from "We need a fresh look" to "Our firm has changed and evolved" [...]

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