Key Questions for Screening

How to Select a Marketing Consultant

For years, CPA firms have utilized outside marketing consultants to assist in their marketing efforts.  Many of these consultants have performed exceptionally and added tremendous value to their clients’ marketing efforts.  However, some of these consultants have not performed as well, leaving an unfavorable impression for any future consultants.  Why is this case?

Sometimes it is due to factors such as a lack of defined objectives, unreasonable expectations, a wavering marketing budget, inconsistent implementation, internal conflict within the firm, a lack of commitment, and a myriad of other reasons.  Yet at other times, unfortunately, the underlying reason is that the consultant was not really competent for the job.  For any profession, perceived competence is due to a combination of elements, which typically include education, breadth of experience, technical capabilities, work habits, client service skills, business and administrative structure.  The bottom-line is whether they were able to complete the job satisfactorily.

To help screen out consultants who may not be the best match for your firm’s marketing needs, here are five tips (READ FULL ARTICLE):


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