The power of a
“Digital Communications System”

digital communication

  • Are you looking for a system to regularly communicate to your clients, prospects and key contacts?
  • Are you frustrated that your target market lacks awareness of your branding and services?
  • Do you have great client and prospects lists – but don’t have an effective method to keep in touch?


Summary of Client Needs

This client had a typical problem: Very little partner time for marketing.  The partners all had a boatload of day-to-day billable work that constantly pulled them away from marketing.

Surprisingly, they had found that clients weren’t fully aware of the firm’s services; in fact, some had hired other firms to do certain work instead of hiring their firm.  The firm’s managing partner had thought that phone calls and client meetings were sufficient to keep clients fully informed.  Instead, he had become convinced that clients needed to be reminded regularly of the firm’s capabilities and he needed methods to help steer clients to the firm’s website and to contact the firm for help.

In fact, the other partners were asking for a better “firmwide system,” since billable hour requirements, along with the sheer volume of clients and related admin work, had made it increasingly difficult for them to do regular marketing communication.  As for prospects and referral sources, the partners recognized that they needed the same firmwide system to maintain contact.

How SCPAM Helped

We evaluated the firm’s services, branding, and target markets, then developed an annual calendar of topics that would be appealing to clients, as well as generate activity and inquiries from prospects and referral sources.

We then prepared a custom e-blast design and social media templates that blended well with the firm’s overall branding.  Our system involved writing content and designing graphics that drew attention to the firm, in a very professional way, not tacky and low-end.  Techniques were used to generate direct inquiries from clients, increase engagement (views, open rate, etc.), and drive traffic back to the firm’s website, where contacts could read more about services, bios and other recent matters.

Finally, on a monthly basis we implemented this “Digital Communications Campaign” through three avenues: e-blasts, social media posts, and website posts.  Metrics were provided to monitor results.


At The Specialists in CPA Marketing™, we have developed an efficient and effective systemized approach to e-communication.  On a regular basis (usually monthly or bi-monthly), we design, write and distribute your branding through three key channels:

Our goal is to make the process easy for you! We help to develop content and handle all aspects of design and distribution. This level of service is crucial if you are to communicate to your target market on a frequent basis, while limiting your time involvement.

With over 30 years of experience serving hundreds of firms, The Specialists in CPA™ has the expertise that your firm needs. Contact us to discuss your needs and for an estimate.