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The Specialists in CPA Marketing™ has decades of experience in full-scale newsletter production.

Our goal is to make the process easy for you! We help to develop content and handle all aspects of design and distribution. We can also help with your database development.  This level of service is crucial if you are to publish the newsletter on a frequent basis, while limiting your time involvement.

Our assistance includes:

  • Content development, including copywriting and photos/images
  • Support in database development
  • Distribution to your targeted lists
  • Posting to your website and social media
  • Compliance with Federal CAN-SPAM requirements
  • Post-distribution sales programs

Why are newsletters/e-blasts so effective?

Many CPAs seek the latest fad in marketing, hoping to gain an edge on the competition.  Others sink huge amounts in SEO campaigns and pay-per-click, paying for any leads that come their way, which are often low quality and take an inordinate amount of personnel time to handle.

However, despite many other online digital marketing options, newsletters/e-blasts continue to generate quality business opportunities.  In fact, seasoned marketing experts rank newsletters/e-blasts as one of the most effective techniques for imaging/awareness building, new client acquisition, and client retention.  Why?

  • Targeting: With newsletters/e-blasts, you can build a database of your known contacts — current and past clients, business contacts and other referral sources, and prospective clients who may need your services. This can be highly effective vs. “shotgun marketing” which is spending huge amounts of money to immerse the marketplace with your message, wasting your money on the majority contacted who have no need for your services.
  • Lower cost vs. many other digital options: Advertising, especially in print or on TV, can be very expensive. Newsletters/e-blasts are one of the least expensive methods to directly reach your audience.
  • Image building/name recognition and market positioning: You know that your services are great but is your firm one of those that says “We’re the best kept secret in town”? Newsletters/e-blasts can be a highly effective tool to overcome that problem. Commit to doing it regularly and you’ll build top-of-mind awareness.
  • Build trust, relationships and referrals: Newsletters/e-blasts are a great method to consistently demonstrate your expertise, show your commitment to the targeted market, showcase your talent, introduce new services, announce accomplishments, recognize new personnel and promotions. All of this goes toward further establishing your referral network, encouraging repeat business, and expanding your client base.
  • Content marketing: A proven method of communicating valuable information is through newsletters/e-blasts. If you provide quality information that is useful to your audience, they are more likely to read it – and to read the next issue and those thereafter.
  • Systematic method of contact: If you want a system to regularly reach your target market, with key messages that will impact, newsletters/e-blasts are a great tool. By using The Specialists in CPA Marketing™ you can save time and have experts designing and implementing this critical system.
  • Connecting with your contacts: Statistics show that people open emails from their known contacts. Knowing this fact, you can keep your firm’s name in front of your audience – and they’ll be more likely to remember you when a need for your services arises.
  • Immediate impression: Over 90% of business owners and individual consumers check their email at least once a day, most doing it several times a day. This means that your newsletters/e-blasts will have an opportunity to gain a quick review and potential response.

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  • CPA Marketing Experts: We understand how to market CPAs, from the smallest to the largest firms, as few others do!
  • Full-Range of Services: We’re your one-stop-shop for CPA marketing!
  • Business Strategy: The Specialists in CPA Marketing™ offers an unmatched ability to blend strategy with the selection of marketing tools.
  • BD Focus: Our business development expertise is critical to our success!  We don’t just create “pretty designs” – we help generate new business for you!
  • Detail-Oriented: We make your life easier by taking care of all the details!
  • Marketing Professionals: Our professionals are true marketing experts, not simply designers or communication majors.
  • Superior Service: Our service is outstanding – great turnaround, courteous staff, excellent results.


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