— Weekly Marketing Resources during COVID-19 —

As we navigate the COVID-19 environment, your marketing activities need to adapt.  It is crucial to have a clear perspective on the future, identifying specific strategies and action steps that your firm can undertake to be successful.

Below are some key marketing resources to help your firm …


Strategic Marketing Plans: Key Preparation for Your Firm

Without a detailed marketing strategy, it is highly unlikely that your firm will achieve its goals for the remainder of 2020 – and beyond. Establishing a Strategic Marketing Plan gives you the foundation that is needed to guide your decisions. It provides a “big picture” perspective of how all the individual activities are coordinated to achieve the desired result.  Key resources:


Is it Time to OUTSOURCE Your Firm’s Marketing Department?

Whether the COVID-10 crisis has caused you to layoff internal personnel, or if you have finally come to the conclusion that you need consistent marketing support, it may be time to consider outsourcing your marketing department.   The majority of small- to mid-size firms do not have the resources or need to hire a full staff of in-house marketing professionals.  These firms either (a) do not have a formal market­ing function, (b) utilize a staff person who is not a marketing professional to implement their marketing functions, or (c) outsource the marketing efforts to a qualified marketing professional.


Establishing A Marketing Budget

As you build your marketing plan, you’ll need to develop a budget. A budget can be an important tool in tracking marketing efforts to determine their effectiveness. It helps partners/shareholders to understand the crucial role of marketing in the firm’s overall performance. It also allows the controller/administrator to manage spending on client relations and community involvement. Sounds like a useful tool, right? So how do you develop a marketing budget?

Questions? We are here to support you and keep your firm running.  Feel free to contact The Specialists in CPA Marketing  to help your firm.