E-newsletters can be an effective business development tool – but getting started can be a challenge. How can an e-newsletter be beneficial to your firm’s marketing efforts? What must be done for your firm to create a successful newsletter?  What about the database?

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So, what is stopping you?

Many firms never get e-newsletters out of the concept stage, or only manage to get 1-2 issues done, because the process is too difficult for them. Don’t let this stop you!

At The Specialists in CPA Marketing, we offer a system to get e-blasts developed and distributed regularly!  We make the process easy!

Our assistance includes:

  • Content development, including copywriting and photos/images
  • Support in database development
  • Distribution to your targeted lists
  • Posting to your website and social media
  • Compliance with Federal CAN-SPAM requirements
  • Post-distribution sales programs

Interested? Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Reach out to the experts at The Specialists in CPA Marketing.