Your Critical Internet Foundation

website design

We are frequently contacted by new clients who have heard of The Specialists in CPA Marketing’s website development expertise and want us to overhaul/upgrade their website.  These clients recognize that their website is the foundation of their internet marketing, so it is critical to have a top-end website presence.

In a recent engagement, a mid-size firm asked us to replace their existing site.  Their major concerns:

  • Poor navigation.  It was confusing and difficult to use.  Users who are browsing such sites will typically give up soon and go to a competitor’s site.
  • Content was below-par.  It frankly made the firm look small with a lack of depth in service descriptions and professional profiles.  It also was inconsistent, making the firm look unprofessional.
  • The graphic design was outdated and lacked uniformity.  Sections of the website had been developed over time, so eventually the pages looked like a Frankenstein design in terms of graphics, photos and layout.  Font sizes, line spacing, inconsistent formatting and other issues made it difficult to read.

After getting to know the client and their capabilities, The Specialists in CPA Marketing developed an entirely new website.  From beginning to end, the project was finished within 90 days (compared to 6-12 month time frames proposed by other website vendors).  Some of the highlights of our work included:

  • Changing the navigation to a more fluid and easily functioning design.  It is now easy to find information on the site.
  • Beefing up product/service profiles, company information, and other content to reflect the client’s actual capabilities (the result made employees now feel proud of their site vs. being embarrassed with its previous state).
  • Integrating the client’s branding into the site (many websites are not consistent with other branding efforts).
  • Adding awards, photos and other images that made the client look much better and reflected its high level of expertise.
  • Improving ease-of-contact functions, so that users can contact the client with ease and clarity.
  • Building in organic search engine optimization, so that the website’s rankings would improve and it could be more easily found with a variety of search terms.
  • Updating the site’s mobile functionality.
  • Integrating their website with social media and various e-communication tools, such as e-blasts and newsletters.

Does this sound like your firm’s situation?  If your firm needs to upgrade its website, or develop an entirely new website, contact the experts at The Specialists in CPA Marketing.