Many CPA firms that have existed for some time face the issue of whether they should “rebrand.”  Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination is created for an established brand.

The reasons for rebranding range from “We need a fresh look” to “Our firm has changed and evolved” to “Our market has changed and we need to change with it” — and more.

The following is a brief description of a recent engagement.

Key Issues Driving Need to Rebrand

In this case, the client needed rebranding in all respects.  Graphically, the firm’s logo and marketing materials looked very dated.  The partners had been aware of the issue for some time but when they began losing key recruits due to it, they realized that the time had come to take action.  Further, the website was old, making maintenance difficult and giving an impression that the firm’s services were dated as well.  Brochures, newsletters, ads and other marketing materials had morphed over time, resulting in inconsistent messaging, bulky/cluttered content, and an overall lack of persuasive selling points.

This client sought The Specialists in CPA Marketing because of our decades of experience working with CPAs.  It was important to the client to work with a marketing firm that didn’t need to be trained or educated about the services offered by accountants or how to effectively market a CPA firm.

Critical Components

Not all rebranding is an extensive overhaul of marketing communication in virtually all respects.  However, it was definitely needed with this client.  A new logo was designed, reflecting the firm’s culture and position in its targeted markets.  All marketing materials (stationery, e-signatures, brochures, advertisements, e-communication, etc.) were redesigned.  Importantly, significant analysis was done on the firm and its targeted markets, resulting in new text content for all marketing, including a new slogan, updated selling points, and overall consistency in marketing messages.  Sales materials and proposals were rewritten and redesigned.  A new website was designed, which is now highly praised internally and externally, and is very functional and user-friendly.  Publicity, such as media relations, was completely revamped.  This list goes on but suffice to say that every aspect of the firm’s marketing was rebranded.


The client’s commitment to rebranding paid off.  Although the firm’s name remained the same, the branding was completely refreshed while still retaining the key elements of the firm’s culture and distinctiveness in its targeted markets.  Employees once again became proud of the firm, whereas before they were literally ashamed to point anyone to the old website.  Feedback from recruits was that the firm was “the place to work” upon graduation.  Clients and prospects can now clearly see how their needs are identified and met by the firm.

You may find that this engagement describes your firm in many respects, since many of the issues are fairly common.  The Specialists in CPA Marketing has decades of experience in rebranding CPA firms.   If you need assistance with rebranding your firm, please contact us.