Once a year, every firm should review their website, sometimes with outside assistance, to make sure that it is up-to-date in content and design. Have you done so lately?

Do you know that your website reflects directly on your firm’s professionalism and service quality? It must be up to contemporary standards. If your website looks technologically outdated, your prospects can infer that your firm’s services are the same.

Is your website current or does it look stale and outdated? Does it work on cell phones, IPads and other mobile devices? Do the graphics, and content, make your firm stand out for its uniqueness?

Recent Engagements

Recently a new client contacted us because they were concerned that their recruits almost didn’t join the firm because the website was so out-of-date. The client asked The Specialists in CPA Marketing to replace their existing site with an entirely new design — and wanted us to write the entire content. We also built LinkedIn and Facebook pages and developed their social media program.

Another client asked us to review and update their website. The navigation was outdated, it didn’t work well on mobile devices, and the content needed to be revised to reflect the firm’s current branding. The firm needed a “quick fix” because of an upcoming business development opportunity. In this case, we were able to use the current design and improve on it. The client plans on replacing the site in about 3 months, using The Specialists in CPA Marketing to prepare a new design.

Key Design Factors

At The Specialists in CPA Marketing, we focus on developing websites that are visually attractive, rich in useful and interesting content, designed with logical navigation, and built around fundamental marketing concepts. Our assistance includes site design, text writing, graphic design, marketing strategy, and integration with other marketing programs, such as social media. Learn more about how we can help you!  Contact The Specialists in CPA Marketing if you’d like an estimate for your website development project.