What Can Your Firm Do To Grow?

Years ago, our founder developed and copyrighted “Brown’s Hierarchy of Methods to Obtain Business.” This structure helps The Specialists in CPA Marketing to work effectively with any of our clients to clearly identify methods that we can use to help them grow.

The Hierarchy identifies five key methods, based on two essential criteria: (1) the qualify of clients (e.g., high annual revenues, timely payment, appreciate and value your services, etc.), and (2) the probability of success in obtaining work (e.g., your closure rate “batting average”).

This ranking approach helps your firm to focus its primary efforts on new clients that are high quality and can be obtained easier vs. low quality and difficult to close clients.  Sounds like a dynamic, yet simple approach, right?

Let’s look at some details of the five steps of the Hierarchy (click here for full article)

Browns Hierarchy