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The Specialists in CPA Marketing
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April 2019

A Post-Tax Season
Marketing "Game Plan"

Football plays

You know how it is — some tax seasons feel like you just came out from under a rock and can start seeing daylight again! Have spent three or more months of intense client service, marketing can now come back to the forefront. Before launching into your efforts, it is important to have effective marketing strategies in place. So, how should you go about it?

Your Game Plan

What you need is a "game plan." Having worked with hundreds of CPAs over the past 25-plus years, I've seen that all of them appreciate having realistic and achievable marketing strategies. They also want to know what are the best practices for each area of marketing. While this article isn't mean at all to substitute for personal consultations on strategic planning, here are some steps to consider:

(1) Develop Specific Objectives. Before embarking on a number of marketing programs (which can be expensive and fruitless if not managed correctly), identify your overall objectives. What are your revenue goals? Are you going to change your service offerings? Do you need to diversify your markets? Are you recruiting new partners with different areas of expertise?

Further complicating the decision-making process is that every firm is different, even if the services are similar. When you look closely, the differences can include target markets, culture, personnel, client relations, referral sources, resources available for marketing, etc. All of these, plus more, make an impact on marketing.


Service Profile of the Month

Marketing Planning & Analysis

Marketing Planning & Analysis

Marketing planning is an essential ingredient for your firm's investment in marketing. In fact, we believe that far too many CPA firms jump into the marketing process without a clear vision and understanding of what they want to achieve and how they are going to accomplish it. Hiring experts in strategic marketing can be the critical missing element for your success!

The Specialists in CPA Marketing & Consulting are regularly engaged to provide a broad scope of "Marketing Planning & Analysis" services, including:

Strategic Marketing Planning:

  • Strategy Consultations
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Targeted Marketing Programs
  • Practice Group Marketing

Marketing Analysis & Recommendations

  • Industry & Competitor Analysis
  • Market Assessment Studies

Growth & Profitability Consulting

  • Growth & Profitability Planning
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis

Utilizing our decades of experience in business management, we are able to provide high-level strategic advice across a broad spectrum of management issues. These engagements are handled entirely by Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A., a business professional with over 25 years experience advising CPA firms in marketing and business management. Kevin's business background, combined with his in-depth understanding of CPA marketing, provides tremendous value, not only in providing direction but saving clients money.

Interested? Read more or contact us.

Speaking Engagements

Does your organization need a speaker for an event in 2019? If so, contact us and to see if Mr. Brown is available. Topics include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Internet/Digital Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Branding
  • Advertising, Publicity and Public Relations

Specialists in CPA Marketing
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